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TECH5 expanding to UK market to offer digital identity management solutions

February 22, 2021

Swiss-based biometric technology business, TECH5, have recently announced that the company will be expanding to the UK. Making its solutions available to help UK citizens develop their digital strategy, TECH5 UK will be aiming to make waves in the country’s digital identity market.

The company are confident that with the creation of unique Digital ID’s – which will be both owned and managed by UK citizens – identity will no longer be so maintained by operators and institutions, but instead by the personal identifiers of the user.

TECH5 will be offering all of its Digital ID solutions to the UK market. This includes the newly launched T5-Mobile ID solution which provides biometric proof of an individual’s vaccination status.

TECH5’s Strategic Advisor, Rob Haslam, remarked: “Digital ID is currently the number one strategic focus of TECH5, and we are investing in its entrance to new markets. Our solutions are fully compliant with the latest digital ID security and privacy requirements of the UK market, and we are looking forward to proving their efficiency in helping to fight the pandemic, as well as for other use cases.”

“We at TECH5 have over 20 years of experience in the implementation and execution of biometric-based identity management projects. Based on our knowledge and experience, we built T5-Mobile ID technology platform that addresses one of the most common needs of digital identity management – connecting digital identity to its owner biometrically,” adds Rahul Parthe, Co-founder and CTO of TECH5.

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