Several terror plots thwarted since start of COVID-19 pandemic

March 5, 2021


UK counter-terrorism officials have revealed that since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, three major terror plots have been thwarted.

According to reports in The Guardian, this takes the number of foiled plots to 28 since March 2017.

The news has caught many by surprise considering the Home Office only recently published figures that showed the number of arrests for terrorism-related activity to have fallen by 34% in 2020.

Dean Haydon, a Deputy Assistant Commissioner and Senior National Coordinator for Counter-Terrorism Policing, remarked: “These statistics tell me two things. Firstly, that despite facing unprecedented challenges brought about by the pandemic, counter-terrorism policing continued to keep the public safe by making 185 arrests across more than 800 live investigations – stopping three possible terror attacks in the process.

“And secondly, that while the rest of us have been focused on protecting ourselves and our families from this terrible disease, terrorists have not stopped planning attacks or radicalising vulnerable people online.”

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