The Safety & Security Event Series: an industry triumph 

June 7, 2024


the safety & security event series

The Safety & Security Event Series (The Security Event, The Health & Safety Event, The Fire Safety Event and The Workplace Event) celebrated its sold-out 5th edition at the NEC Birmingham from April 30 to May 2, 2024, solidifying its position as the UK’s favourite event for the safety and security of people, places, and assets.   

With over 42,800sqm of exhibition space, the event drew an impressive 49,576 professionals from diverse sectors, eager to explore the latest products and solutions from 1076 exhibitors.   

Tristan Norman, Event Group Director, stated, “We are delighted to cement The Safety & Security Event Series as Europe’s No1 event for the protection of people, places and assets at its natural home in the heart of the UK, the NEC Birmingham.

“The 2024 edition has well and truly has exceeded all expectations. The turnout has been phenomenal, and the conversations onsite from exhibitors, partners, and visitors have been overwhelmingly positive.   

“We extend our thanks for their support and take great pride in sharing their successes at the show. It is great to produce a series of events the industry truly deserves and enjoys.”   

The Safety & Security Event Series continues to lead the way in advancing safety and security practices, serving as a vital international platform for collaboration and innovation within the industry.    

Beyond the boundaries of Birmingham UK, the success of the event series made waves internationally with the launch of Nineteen Group’s Singapore office and the expansion of the series to Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, in collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board.

This strategic expansion underscores the series’ growing influence and commitment to fostering global partnerships in the safety and security sector.   

Looking ahead to the next edition scheduled for April 8-10, 2025, organisers anticipate continued growth and innovation, with plans to expand into an additional hall to accommodate escalating demand.   

Inside The Security Event 

An air of excitement circled the Gallagher Security booth as the global security manufacturer demonstrated the latest innovations in its security ecosystem.   

Gallagher showcased its Controller 7000 (C7000) released in November last year and the Controller 7000 Single Door, as well as their high security solutions, but the demonstration which really got visitors talking was the recently released employee badge in Apple Wallet, available with Gallagher’s latest version of their award-winning site management software, Command Centre v9.10.  

Speaking after the event, Gallagher Security Regional General Manager UK and Europe, Richard Huison said, “TSE was an excellent opportunity to showcase our evolving Gallagher Security ecosystem including the recently released employee badge in Apple Wallet.

“We also observed a growing interest in our Automatic Access Control Systems (AACS), and Cyber Assurance of Physical Security Systems (CAPSS) approved high-security solutions.

“There was a growing consciousness among businesses about the importance of safeguarding their people, places, and assets to the highest standard.”  

Huison joined a panel hosted by security influencer Lee Odess, where they discussed access control within the critical infrastructure sector. Gallagher Security Sales Manager UK South, Gordon Swallow also joined the ASIS International UK panel, to discuss the true value of a security system in the procurement journey.  

Among the solution demonstrations and panel discussions, TSE proved to be another excellent networking opportunity with Channel Partners, End Users and other security industry professionals using the event as a platform to share insights and connect. 

“These events are always valuable in terms of understanding the changing needs of our customers and the wider industry. There were many conversations about the shift to end-to-end solutions and the speed and security they provide, plus plenty of discussion around mobile/digital wallets and the enhanced convenience and flexibility they offer,” said Huison.  

Employee badge in Apple Wallet is fully integrated with Gallagher Command Centre, making it easy for customers to issue and manage access credentials for their employees with in-app provisioning via Gallagher’s Mobile Connect app.

It is now available for approved Gallagher customers in the United States with global availability to be announced soon.  

As the VP of EMEA for Brivo, a provider of cloud-based access control and smart building solutions, Ingo Meijer was delighted to participate in this dynamic event and witness the exchange of cutting-edge ideas and innovations.

Speaking exclusively to SJUK he said, “One of the central themes was the rise of mobile credentials and their transformative impact on access control systems.

“At Brivo, we recognise the growing demand for seamless yet secure authentication mechanisms that empower users while safeguarding facilities and assets.

“The discussions at TSE delved into the latest advancements in mobile credential technologies, offering invaluable insights into how we can enhance the user experience while maintaining the highest levels of security and control.

“Another area of significant focus was the migration of access control systems to the cloud. The event provided a platform to explore best practices for securely managing access privileges, monitoring user activities, and ensuring compliance with ever-evolving regulations within cloud-based access control environments.  

“Moreover, the event emphasized the convergence of physical and digital security, a topic of paramount importance in today’s connected world.

“With the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the increasing integration of smart building technologies, securing access points, monitoring and managing IoT devices,and ensuring the integrity of data flows have become critical imperatives.

“Experts shared valuable insights into implementing robust access control measures, safeguarding against physical and cyber threats, and fostering a holistic approach to security that spans both the physical and virtual realms.  

“Throughout TSE event, I was struck by the incredible enthusiasm and dedication of the attendees from across the physical security industry.

“The networking opportunities were truly exceptional, facilitating valuable connections and fostering the exchange of knowledge and experiences among professionals from various sectors, including commercial real estate, healthcare, education, and more.

“It was inspiring to witness the collective commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and staying ahead of emerging threats and challenges.

“Events like TSE serve as a catalyst for progress, sparking conversations that shape the trajectory of our industry and pave the way for a more secure and connected future for buildings and facilities worldwide.” 

The UK’s premier show 

The Security Event (TSE) 2024 was a landmark occasion for CIE Group which marked its 60th year in business with an impressive display of innovative security products and a champagne drinks reception on the first two days of the show.

The CIE stand became a busy hub for security professionals to experience the future of access control firsthand.

Partnering with 2N, Akuvox, Volo, Stid, Freevolt S-Key, and Safr, CIE which was also celebrating its 6th year in business, presented a comprehensive overview of each brand’s most recent advances in access control systems, intercom technology, video surveillance solutions, and mobile credentialing.  

“This was our fourth year exhibiting at TSE and our return to the show really felt significant,” commented Chris Edwards, Marketing Director, CIE-Group. “We had an excellent product line-up that proved to be of great interest to many of the show delegates, and we also got to celebrate our 60th anniversary in style – what more could you ask from a show! Following this success we’re now looking forward to being part of the vanguard of new product innovation in the security sector.”  

TSE 2024 also witnessed the exciting new partnership between Freevolt S-Key, the next generation of fingerprint-activated access control. Unlike traditional systems, S-Key integrates the biometric scanner directly into individual RFID cards, offering unparalleled user convenience and enhanced security.  

CIE’s partnership with Real Network’s SAFR Scan also offered a glimpse into a future without physical keys or cards.

Its high-speed, high-security facial recognition technology eliminates the need for traditional access credentials, providing a truly keyless and streamlined access control solution.  

IDIS showcased an expanded range of edge AI cameras and a new, highly robust 2MP video intercom – a range that is part of its end-to-end solutions offering which encompasses everything needed for the widest range of video surveillance projects, from cameras, NVRS, AI box devices, and network accessories, to a choice of VMS.

These include a choice of AI analytics options to meet project requirements any size, scope and scale that strengthen security, enhance safety, deliver business intelligence in retail and hospitality settings, while delivering increased operational efficiency to any surveillance solution. 

Over at Dahua Technology, the company’s Michael Lawrence told us, ““TSE for us has been a great show that attracts lots of end users, lots of system integrators and it allows us to build great relationships with these customers and a platform for us to share our latest technologies and launches.”   

 Meanwhile, Gavin Martin, Senior Customer Technical Support Engineer at Seagate Technology was keen to discuss its latest product, a 30TB drive, which he claimed was the largest capacity drive available at the show. “It comes under our Mosaic technology brand,” he said, adding: “Mosaic encompasses a number of different technologies and one of them is HAMR, it’s been a decade in the making for Seagate and we have finally got a drive to market which is 30TB.”  

 Talking about MyShield, an intruder detection solution, Mariano Miculitzki, Sales Director at Essence Group said: “Right now in the market you have security systems on systems, and then you can complement the security systems with their peripherals that will provide you either fog deployments or smoke deployment capabilities, but it’s an extra cost. This is an innovative solution that integrates into one.”  

Looking ahead to the next edition of The Security Event scheduled for April 8-10, 2025, organisers anticipate continued growth and innovation, with plans to expand into an additional hall to accommodate escalating demand.

Industry professionals can look forward to their annual event as the must-go event to demonstrate growth, development, and innovation. 

This article was originally published in the June Edition of Security Journal UK. To read your FREE digital edition, click here.

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