Traka visualises significant efficiency savings for distribution centres

January 5, 2022


Traka has launched a new animated video to highlight the solutions available for busy distribution centres, to ensure they can run like clockwork to deliver goods on time and in full.

Highlighting the issues faced by distribution centres, especially when it comes to management of hand-held devices, the two minute video presents ways to save time, resource and money, whilst allowing full visibility and traceability of assets at all times.

Lee Payne, Market Development Manager for Traka UK, says:Within any distribution centre time is money, especially in the current environment. Teams are expected to meet strict deadlines throughout the day and night – so, that deliveries can be made, sent and products can be processed correctly and efficiently.

“What this video demonstrates is how to ensure a distribution centre can always meet this tight schedule. It shows how it doesn’t take significant investment to make a difference, but simple technology updates such as the implementation of asset management lockers can enable a smooth transition for teams, who can immediately start their shifts with the equipment they need to operate.”

Included in the video is how distribution centres can embrace the ideals of efficiency tools such as asset management to instantly optimise performance, control and monitor all physical processes and reduce the likelihood of human error.  

There is also a dedicated step-by-step process to illustrate how easy Traka’s modular systems are to use for team workers and management. They are developed with dedicated fault-reporting, charging facilities, first-in, first-out device rotation and access control integration capability alongside a full suite of management tools.

Lee adds: “We illustrate in this video, how with the addition of Traka’s asset management solutions, distribution centres could save an impressive 72,000 labour hours per year, simply by resolving issues such as teams waiting to receive and return fully working hand held devices. This is a significant efficiency saving that distribution hubs can instead focus on the opportunity to support the economy with fast moving produce across the UK.”

The video is now live on Traka’s Youtube channel. To view, please visit:

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