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Traka launches whitepaper to highlight significance of logistics sector

July 6, 2021


A downloadable whitepaper to highlight the significance of the logistics sector, during COVID-19 and through the recovery period, has been launched by Traka.

Presenting the dramatic rise of the sector in the pandemic to meet demands to link goods with people like never before, the whitepaper entitled ‘Moving forward for distributions and logistics,’ is now available to download at:

Traka whitepaper

Posing the question, ‘How can the logistics sector maximise its new found prominence and proven ability to keep the UK economy moving in a post COVID world?’, the paper explores the unprecedented growth during extended lockdowns and the challenges faced by the industry as it looks to move forward.

The whitepaper draws on the pace of change in consumer spending patterns and increasing reliance on online shopping. It cites how the distribution and logistics sector, backed by Logistics UK, was quick to respond and transform the way it worked.

With lockdown restrictions soon to be fully lifted and the recovery period in full operation, the paper continues to suggest that in maintaining success, there is a need for greater innovation and technology integration.

Included is the suggestion that distribution and logistics companies that embrace the ideals of efficiency tools such as asset management could instantly optimise performance, control and monitor all physical processes and reduce the likelihood of human error. All contributing to lasting social, economic and environmental benefits as part of the UK’s economic recovery.

“In this white paper, we explore how COVID-19 heightened the UK’s dependence on the industry”

Lee Payne, Market Development Manager for Traka UK and author of the paper, says:At no time in the history of the logistics sector, has it faced such a unique set of circumstances than the pandemic. It changed the supply chain’s future course and has given it an unexpected prominence as a vital element to economic success.

“In this white paper, we explore how COVID-19 heightened the UK’s dependence on the industry. Arguably, without it operating efficiently, scaling up quickly and investing in technology, the lockdown periods would have been even more difficult. Going forward, demand is likely to continue and logistics is well placed to contribute to the UK’s sustainable economic recovery.”

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