Travellers dump £207m of goods at airport security

August 17, 2022


UK travellers will be forced to dump £207m worth of make-up and toiletries at airport security this summer, a new report has revealed.

Sun-hungry Brits are paying the price for overpacking a suitcase, according to research carried out by the fashion retailer Next.

The nationwide study reveals a third of holiday-makers are having to pay excess baggage fees.

In the Next survey, 42% of travellers admit to having thrown away full-sized toiletries at security costing an eye-watering £207,000,000.

More than 25% claim they feel anxious if they pack lots when going away but also regretting they overpacked at the same time.

On average, each traveller will be forced to bin £6.45 worth of toiletries at airport security this year with men preapred to chuck £7.92 of goods.

Research discovered that a huge 90% of travellers admitted to over-packing when going on holiday with the 25-34 age group the biggest culprits. More than half said they always bring too many items.

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