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TT Electronics and Thales to collaborate on development of cyber security research

January 15, 2021

TT Electronics – a global provider of engineered electronics for performance-critical applications – have recently announced an agreement to collaborate with Thales to enable future development of operational technology (OT) based cyber security initiatives and research.

The programs will be delivered out of the National Digital Exploitation Centre (NDEC) in Ebbw Vale, South Wales – a project cofounded by the Welsh Government, Thales and University of South Wales. The NDEC is a cornerstone of the Welsh Government’s Tech Valleys initiative, which offers cyber skills and knowledge to South Wales.

TT Electronics and Thales collaboration

The collaboration brings together Thales’ expertise in securing critical systems with TT Electronics’ approach to electronics manufacturing for high-reliability market – the partnership will allow the companies to work hand in hand on developing a complete cyber security journey, from operational technology asset discovery within TT Electronics’ factories, to the implementation of a Security Operations Centre (SOC) and development of future products for TT. 

The first project within the agreement has already been undertaken, with Thales helping TT deploy advanced new technologies and software across its production facilities to ensure protection from cyber threats of today and tomorrow.

“A clear goal of secure and resilient operational technology”

“Thales and TT Electronics have very complementary and synergistic technologies,” said Perry Duffill, VP/GM, TT Electronics Global Manufacturing Solutions. “This collaboration enables TT to provide an additional level of security assurance for our aerospace and defence, medical, and industrial customers who rely on us to manufacture highly complex systems for mission critical applications.

“We are true business partners, and by leveraging our joint strengths, we are providing significant opportunities for our country, our industry, the community, our employees, and our partners.”

Gareth Williams, VP, Secure Communications & Information Systems at Thales, also remarked: “This agreement is the next logical step in Thales’ and TT Electronics’ long-standing relationship.

“While we have previously worked together at the NDEC – with TT Electronics sitting on the steering group – this agreement enables a much more intimate level of collaboration between the two companies, with a clear goal of secure and resilient operational technology.”

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