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UK and Kenya strengthen long-standing security agreement

January 26, 2021


It has recently been announced that the UK and Kenya have refreshed a security agreement to help combat the threat from extremist groups, reports AfricaNews.

During a two-day visit to the East-African country, the UK Secretary of State for Defence, Ben Wallace, stressed how the two countries must stand “side by side” to neutralise the threats of extremist groups.

The primary objective of Mr Wallace’s visit was to strengthen the long-standing relationship between the two nations, particularly as conflicts with al-Shabab continue to impact the region.

Mr Wallace remarked: “It is important that friends and allies support you in the task ahead. It is important that when we face the common threat of al-Shabab, that we work together to defeat that, both here in Kenya but also the United Kingdom and through the international community and indeed through the UN in Somalia.

“I think it is important that the United Kingdom stands side by side with Kenya in standing up for its values, for democracy, and working with Kenya to make sure that its neighbours follow a similar path.”

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