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UK Ministry of Defence cyber deal with US


The Ministry of Defence’s Strategic Command is working with the U.S. Cyber Command and other partners on a joint operation to improve interoperability and strengthen resilience.

Personnel from Defence Digital will be joining the collaborative exercise which will identify threats that could impact the internal systems of participants.

Insights from the operation will be shared with all partners in the interest of bolstering security and unifying our response to malicious cyber activity.

Rear Admiral Nick Washer, Director Operations at Defence Digital said: “Cyber does not recognise geographic borders. Our relationships with partners offer huge, shared benefits; operations like this with U.S. Cyber Command put our expertise into practice and enhance our collective defence.”

This sentiment was echoed by U.S. Navy Rear Adm. Matthew C. Paradise, deputy director, Operations J-3, U.S. Cyber Command, who added: “Defensive Cyberspace Operations helps CYBERCOM meet its mission responsibilities by enabling and improving mission assurance of the joint force, as well as our allies and partners, by maintaining reliable and defensible networks.”

The information age is making the world more interconnected than ever before, driving opportunity, innovation, and progress.

However, this increased digitisation also brings unprecedented complexity, instability and risk, making global partnerships key to our security and economic prosperity.