The UK security industry’s best kept secret for over 40 years

October 14, 2022


Advanced Perimeter Systems is a Scottish based manufacturer of Electric Fencing, and other perimeter intrusion detection systems. Our PIDS also include, our Flexiguard and Microguard ranges all of our systems can be monitored with our own security management software Multisys. We have been in the industry for 40 years and have continued to develop our products with intelligent high security in mind. All our products are developed to be fully compatible with our legacy products meaning if after 20 years you would like an upgrade you will not need a full system.

We offer features such as Automatic Environmental Control with some of our products to reduce the number of inconvenience alarms, as we do not believe in “false alarms”. APS systems have a very low False Alarm Rate <2% meaning that if the system has generated an alarm, you can be sure there has been some sort of interference.

All products have completed rigorous independent testing to ensure you get a high-quality system to give you the defence in depth you need. APS systems have been tested by UK government and many other independent organisations.

Flexiguard is one of our core product ranges that is an acoustic sensor cable which picks up on vibrations to set off an alarm. It is used in a variety of environments ranging from but not limited to, domestic garages, industrial warehouses, commercial buildings, external fence lines and more. We offer multiple different boards to suit our customers’ requirements. Being a highly cost effective, reliable, and robust product makes it one of our most popular among our customers.

Electro-Fence is the ultimate deterrent. The 10,000-volt, legal, non-lethal shock will be sure to leave any intruder thinking twice about attempting to gain entry. We offer a number of Electric Fence energisers in order to fit our customers requirements, whatever they might be. These systems have been used on sites such as critical national infrastructure, prisons, industrial sites and more.

Our Microguard product range will give you an invisible barrier due to the microwave and infrared technology which is used. These systems are highly effective as a potential intruder will likely not even realise when they set off the alarm. Ideal for an external perimeter use as they are unaffected by weather such as wind, rain, snow, or fog and know the difference between a small animal and a person crossing the invisible barrier.

With the world heading towards greener solutions APS has been a head of the game with our systems using extremely low power consumption making them ideal to be powered with a renewable energy source like a solar panel. Getting us and our clients even closer to that all important Net zero target.

We pride ourselves in being a customer focussed company, aiming to give all our customers the best possible personal experience when working with us. This includes during the planning process and afterwards once the kit is installed.

As we like to say, we are the security industry best kept secret but can be found anywhere form palaces to piggeries.

By Zack Davidson, Sales Executive, Advanced Perimeter Systems

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