UK Security & Policing event – full details

March 6, 2023

Security & Policing, the official Government global security event, takes place later this month.

It will be staged between 14‐16 March 2023 at the Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre.

Established 40 years ago, the Home Office event is the corner-stone of the security calendar and is the only ‘closed’ event of its kind.

Organisers say Security & Policing remains the premier platform for relevant UK suppliers to showcase the very latest equipment, training and support, to police services, Government departments, organisations and agencies from the UK and overseas.

A key focus is to demonstrate the opportunities presented by innovative cutting edge technology.

A statement says: “The Home Office is committed to working with partners in industry and academia to develop and collaborate on the products and services needed to cut crime, prevent terrorism, detect illegal immigration and promote growth.

“Being able to share needs whilst gaining a better understanding of the capabilities available is a critical part of this initiative.


“The event creates an excellent opportunity for deepening our strong security alliances around the world and for our international partners to understand and hear about the work we are doing to keep our country secure and reduce crime in the UK and overseas.”

They will lead an exciting conferencing and briefing programme where you will hear from a number of Government agencies and police officers from across the UK Governments security departments.

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