Van owners’ crime warning from lock-makers

August 23, 2022


A vehicle lock maker is urging van owners to update security measures in the wake of worrying new crime statistics.
Mul-T-Lock UK issued the warning as figures show thefts involving vans in the UK could rise to more than 20,000 vans by 2030.
Now the security specialist is encouraging van operators and owners to consider simple solutions to protect their vehicles and contents.
Compare The Market research predicts that 12,000 vans will be stolen in 2022, which is a rise of 169% over the last five years, although tools are the favourite target of van thieves.
Some 67% of crimes involve the theft of items inside.
Claire Blakemore, Managing Director of Mul-T-Lock UK said: “The statistics speak for themselves when it comes to van crime and will only increase with time. They will continue to have devastating affects – whether a sole trader, small or large fleet operator – the potential for loss of livelihood and significant cost implications is extremely serious.”
Mul-T-Lock said it aims to raise awareness, utilising its ArmaDLock® security device, created uniquely for vans as a bolt on solution to act as a significant visual deterrent to the opportunist thief.
Designed for ease of installation on a new vehicle or as a retrofit to an existing vehicle, and supplied with secure fixings, Mul-T-Lock® ArmaDLock® is an all in one non-corrosive lock body solution that offers no hanging parts that could damage the paintwork around the lock.
The unique angled lock body of Mul-T-Lock® ArmaDLock® has been carefully created to deflect blows from a hammer and together with the steel locking bolt adds extra protection for the doors.
Claire added: “Mul-T-Lock® ArmaDLock® demonstrates how small measures can make all the difference, as a product specifically for vehicles to offer the ultimate security.
“It presents a complete all-encompassing solution that is easy to install, maintain and operate. At the same time, we want to continue to educate our audience and work with our locksmith partners across the UK and Ireland to raise awareness of issues around vehicle crime.”

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