VAULT launched to combat shoplifting

November 8, 2023



Automated retail technology solutions provider, Automation in Retail (AIR) has announced the launch of its autonomous merchandising system, VAULT, in the UK. 

Designed from the ground up to combat shoplifting, with limitless scalability, the solution merges profit safeguarding with an enhanced user experience, representing a significant leap forward in the world of retail automation. 

Every VAULT merchandising system, equipped with an integrated self-checkout, is designed to supersede traditional shelving systems, and can dispense almost every item retailed from grocery stores, high street health and beauty stores and pharmacies.

VAULT comes with multiple benefits

VAULT reduces loss through theft and operational complacency, leverages consumer data, streamlines inventory management, optimises supply chain operations, and enhances customer satisfaction. 

“We are thrilled to introduce our VAULT solution to the global market,” said Joe Jackson, Global Client Relations Lead of AIR. “As retailers continue to navigate an ever-changing and challenging landscape, our commitment remains unwavering—to provide state-of-the-art technology that not only simplifies operations, protects profits and employees, but also elevates the customer experience. VAULT is a testament to our dedication to innovation and our belief in the transformative power of automation.” 

Key features of a VAULT merchandising system include: 

Theft deterrence: Through precision-engineering, each VAULT merchandising system is designed to robustly eliminate shoplifting of items, particularly high value items, protecting both inventory and profits. 

• Biometric verification: Leveraging top-tier biometric technologies, VAULT ensures age-restricted items such as alcohol, tobacco and vapes, are dispensed legally without the need for employee verification and/or intervention. 

• Inclusive accessibility: Ensures that consumers with mobile impairments and requiring mobility aids can shop with ease. 

• Ergonomic retrieval: All products are delivered in seconds at waist-height for easy collection. 

• Swift robotic collection: VAULT’s integrated robotic arm ensures rapid product retrieval, enhancing the customer experience while maintaining product security. 

• Informed purchases: Its touchscreen order system allows for a seamless self-checkout experience, provides allergen information pre-purchase, and enables multiple purchases with a single, hassle-free contactless payment. 

• Labour efficiency: Automation minimises the reliance on manpower, yielding substantial cost-savings whilst enhancing employee safety by significantly reducing the opportunity for theft-related incidents. 

• Eliminates everyday problems: Such as in-store product consumption, damaged/contaminated products, opening products (just to see what is inside), reaching to the back for ‘fresher’ items, and messy shelves. 

• Data-driven insights: Captures valuable data throughout the retail journey, offering insights into consumer behaviour, demand patterns, and operational performance. This data empowers retailers to make informed decisions that drive growth and profitability. 

• Revenue streams: Retailers can choose to unlock new revenue streams beyond product sales alone. Its innovative AI-powered marketing platform offers opportunities to monetise each system via its interactive touchscreens. 

• Profit protection: Beyond being a technological marvel, each VAULT system represents a strategic pivot towards safeguarding profits, emphasising a “spend to save” philosophy. 

• Customisable and scalable: Guarantee’s maximum utilisation of retail space and in multiple colourways. 

• Contemporary design: Considered aesthetics ensure that while function is prioritised, form isn’t compromised, enhancing the shopping ambiance. 

• Structural reliability: Built with high-quality robust materials, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance. 
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