Vemotion promotes deployable video surveillance streaming applications

November 2, 2021


Vemotion Interactive is promoting their range of low-latency, high-performance, plug & play live video streaming solutions, to provide installers and end-users with highly effective temporary or fixed remote surveillance coverage; for use at incident hotspots, or to extend the coverage of an existing video surveillance scheme.

Deployable CCTV camera surveillance systems typically consist of PTZ cameras or domes, towers, and vehicle or drone mounted wireless surveillance imaging solutions. HD real-time deployable surveillance can be used across a variety of temporary deployment CCTV sectors, such as police, rail, construction sites, critical infrastructure (CNI), public space, utilities, traffic monitoring, live events and military. Deployable CCTV camera systems can also provide proactive support to assist in the reduction of crime (or the fear of crime), vandalism, anti-social behaviour and fly tipping.

Meeting the demanding needs of temporary deployment CCTV camera applications, the versatile range of Vemotion live streaming HD video transmission over GPRS, 3G, 4GLTE, 5G, Wi-Fi and Satellite networks, enables live video surveillance and play-back solutions for any mobile, rapid deployment, temporary, or permanent deployment CCTV video surveillance application.

Maximising budgets

Vemotion’s range of encoders and cameras enable a host of remote camera surveillance applications to be configured and deployed, such as, beyond the economical reach of existing fixed CCTV networks. This flexibility allows entities wanting to maximise their surveillance budgets and efficiency, to be more proactive at capturing off-grid incidents, rather than missing events.

High-Definition streaming video, low power consumption, proven reliability and rugged construction, are just some of the reasons why Vemotion streaming software and hardware technology is currently being chosen by many temporary / wireless deployment CCTV camera solutions OEM manufacturers – where video streaming solutions provide the surveillance power behind the latest deployable integrated CCTV camera systems.

Harnessing this technology, previously hard to reach or diverse applications can now benefit from the ease of use and evidential video quality of Vemotion streamed CCTV images.

Sector coverage

Temporary deployment CCTV cameras can also be used to provide highly effective security for remote sites and assets; including utility sites, trackside and non-trackside rail deployments, such as level crossing monitoring, as well as managing major and minor roadworks.

Local Councils often have good CCTV coverage in areas easily served by fixed location cameras, typically inner cities. However, the costs involved in connecting cameras in outlying and remote areas, back to a central control room has hitherto precluded their use.

Vemotion streaming solutions can provide cost-effective CCTV coverage in outlying areas or more central areas not adequately covered by an existing fixed camera network. Vemotion technology can be used for the remote monitoring of crime and antisocial behaviour, as a highly cost-efficient alternative solution to fixed position cameras in outlying locations – providing a dynamic CCTV solution to keep pace with rapidly developing hotspots across our cities.

Combating environmental crime, Vemotion technology is also being used to assist enforcement agencies dealing with an ever-increasing workload due to fly tipping. Hotspots for this activity can cost environmental agencies and councils many thousands of pounds a year to clear-up – in addition to the environmental effects of the rubbish being illegally discarded. Vemotion technology deployed within cameras covertly or overtly can catch and discourage perpetrators, via high-quality images easily distributed using Vemotion streaming technology over what are usually limited, rural communication networks. These images can be used to identify and prosecute individuals quickly and simply – reducing the spread of this environmental crime.

Vemotion video transmission technology is revolutionising the traditional drone / operator / management relationship too, delivering key operational advantages for companies using drones for remote inspection, support or reconnaissance. Increasingly used for disparate applications, drones can be used to complement existing CCTV networks at large events, make land surveys quick and simple, and assist building surveys without the need for expensive physical inspection / scaffolding / closures.

In the event that local video transmission over radio is lost, due to distance and bandwidth, Vemotion V-Box technology provides the drone operator with an alternative communications path using cellular networks to see and control the drone. In addition, it can simultaneously provide live video feed to a control room and remote operatives anywhere in the world. In short, Vemotion technology enables companies to make real-time management or support decisions based on live footage from drones, providing an effective command and control solution.

Additionally, thermal drones are increasingly essential for emergency response. Instead of sending in first responders, a drone can scan the area to locate hot spots and asses the overall situation. Using Vemotion images, thermal drones can detect people and animals instantly in adverse and other low-visibility scenarios, often associated with emergency situations.

Under the ground, Vemotion images are being used to locate problems simply and effectively in drains and sewers. One of the difficulties of keeping domestic and public drains and sewers in good working condition is the fact that they are hidden and difficult to assess. That means it’s hard to spot potential issues until they have developed into serious problems. Using remote rovers equipped with Vemotion technology, high-definition images are delivered to operators and recorded to identify and assess drain damage quickly and simply – with images supplied to councils, customers and contractors for project management and rectification.

Designed to be ‘plug & play’, ONVIF compliant, and suitable for a wide variety of video transmission applications, Vemotion wireless streaming solutions for deployable surveillance solutions are now being used across an ever-increasing range of vertical market applications, that until now, have previously not been able to harness the advantages of high definition recorded and real time CCTV images.

For further information about Vemotion’s comprehensive range of software and hardware wireless streaming solutions for deployable surveillance solutions, Vemotion can be contacted on Tel: +44 (0) 330 397 2796, email: [email protected], or visit

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