How video data is transforming different industries

March 1, 2024


video data

Carl Staël von Holstein, Industry 4.0 Segment Lead at Axis Communications looks at how video data is helping to transform a growing array of industries and sectors

As business leaders seek other ways to harness the technology to enable smarter ways of working, more uses are emerging that support digital transformation and the evolving requirements of modern businesses.

The applications we’re seeing are many and varied from those that have become part of Industry 4.0 within manufacturing, automotive and packaging environments.  

Trusted solutions for agriculture 

Grain management in silos is a complex task which aims to maintain a high quality of crop and reduce losses.

Moisture and warm temperatures support the rapid growth of fungi and the production of mycotoxins, rendering affected grain unusable.

While facilities will have monitoring apparatus in place, checking the gauges and levels on many silos one-by-one is a manual, time-consuming process.

Furthermore, upgrading to a fully digital system is often not financially viable.

Axis’ network cameras, mounted in front of existing analogue systems, help monitor and detect variance in normal levels, sending video data through a central VMS to help identify issues faster and allowing remedial action to be taken sooner. 

Elsewhere, within the fish farming industry, constant monitoring for changes in fish behaviour and overall condition is essential to ensure optimum health.

Here network cameras watch over a vast number of tanks, while automated systems driven by video surveillance data identify the ideal time for feeding to reduce waste and maintain the shoal’s condition.  

System integration to benefit logistics  

As convenience and speed makes online shopping an increasingly attractive option for consumers, logistics operators are under increasing pressure to process orders and dispatch goods quickly and efficiently.

Nowaste Logistics experienced a sharp rise in the number of missing items complaints, with refunds often issued to settle disputes in the absence of hard evidence relating to an order.

This began to negatively affect profits and the use of staff and managers’ time.  

Axis’ network cameras alongside AI software from SiB solutions presented Nowaste Logistics with a business intelligence solution, allowing video of picking and packing processes to be linked to specific data.

This is helping to protect business profits by delivering much needed proof of order fulfilment and distribution.

The business now spends 70% less time dealing with questions relating to orders and, due to improved visual insights and evidence from AI and video analytics, error KPIs have been improved by 50%.

The solution ensures full transparency of processes, including the tracking of all orders, resulting in a higher level of customer satisfaction. 

Cost effectiveness and productivity for the transport sector 

One of the largest operators of linen and textile services in Europe, Elis, has been able to reduce both its costs and its environmental impact while increasing road safety awareness through Axis’ video surveillance technology combined with third-party telematics data.

Increased driver training based on this data has already had a bearing on improving conduct and driving ability, including the use of excessive acceleration and braking.  

Elis noticed a 12.7% increase in fuel efficiency across the fleet and a decrease in driving related incidents by 58%.

In addition, drivers use the intelligence to prove fault in the case of accidents or items taken during the loading or unloading of their vehicles.

For Elis, digital transformation, supported by the smart use of video is resulting in improved operations and a greener, more cost-effective business model.  

Camera Control UK worked with Axis to document part of a major highways infrastructure programme; creating a dual carriageway to improve traffic flow along a route from Perth to Inverness in Scotland.

High-quality 4K time-lapse video was used to capture the works for auditing purposes, to provide evidence of best practice and to serve as example material for future projects, showcasing the enormous achievements in restructuring and reshaping the carriageway.

Thanks to the low-power capabilities of Axis’ cameras, they could run on sustainable solar energy, removing the need to draw power from a local source or use a diesel-fuelled generator. 

The success of such projects has inspired Axis to explore new ways of improving efficiency, optimising performance, and ultimately leading to increased profitability across industries and sectors on a global scale.

Through delivery of solutions comprised of network video, AI and data analytics, Axis continues to innovate, with smart tools and technologies that are driving positive change and enhancing the possibilities afforded by digital transformation. 

This article was originally published in the March Edition of Security Journal United Kingdom. To read your FREE digital edition, click here.

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