EE Partner with Avena to Secure End-Of-Life Uniform

EE have partnered with Avena Group to securely destruct and recycle their end-of-life uniform following a nationwide rebrand. Avena have secured EE’s uniform to ensure it does not end up in the public domain or the hands of criminals. All uniform was recycled to make further life products with Avena’s zero to landfill promise.

Les Roches: A Masterclass in Mobile Access

When students come to study at the prestigious Les Roches Marbella campus in Spain, they are not just attending one of the world’s leading hospitality business schools, they are also enveloped in extraordinary innovation and sophisticated living to mirror the exceptional experiences they are being prepared to facilitate in their future careers. The HID Mobile […]

Introducing Travelsafe from Peoplesafe

Travelsafe is the new app safety solution from Peoplesafe to make every journey safer. See the easy process of how to set up Travelsafe and a real scenario of when an employee would use it to help keep them safe on their journey.

Seamless Entry System

EasyGate SG Speed Gates in a flexible office space, creating a seamless entry to the building for authorised staff and visitors.

Crime Never Rests

With the darker nights quickly coming in, the darkness of night brings an increase in crime as criminals take advantage of being harder to see. However, with an effective security solution there is no need to fear. Implementing effective security will not just prevent a criminal but it will likely deter them from even trying […]

HID Introduce Employee Badge in Apple Wallet

With HID’s employee badge in Apple Wallet, staff and guests can easily access their corporate spaces with just their iPhone or Apple Watch — from doors and elevators to turnstiles, printers and more. Employees just need to hold their iPhone or Apple Watch near the reader to unlock. It’s easy, convenient and private.

AtlasNXT: Empowering Organisations to Be There

And here is the description: AtlasNXT: The world’s first single-solution safeguarding and communications platform, enabling enterprises to protect, inform and engage teams and individuals. Right person, right place, right time. Every time.

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