Visitor management enhanced with the Yardi Bluepoint Visitor Check-in app

July 21, 2022

On-demand visitor management has become more crucial than ever with the changing nature of work patterns. The team at Yardi Bluepoint recognise this challenge and has developed an enhanced Visitor Check-in app to better manage the experience for people visiting commercial and corporate spaces.

Paul Speariett, Regional Director for Yardi, said: “This enhanced visitor check-in app is clean and simple to use, allowing building management and reception teams to provide alternate check-in options for their visitors. It meets visitors’ needs when buildings are busy and helps prevent people from gathering in reception areas.”

Using the Yardi Bluepoint Visitor Management technology, the Visitor Check-In app is a web-based application for your desk kiosk to provide a self-check-in experience for visitors. It can also be used on a tablet by reception staff to create a mobile or roaming concierge experience.

“The ability for receptionists to get out from behind the desk and manage visitors anywhere in the reception area can be useful for events or training days where large groups come into the building at the same time.”

With a super-fast check-in by scanning the QR code from their Yardi Bluepoint visitor invite or creating an appointment on the spot, visitors can be securely processed and in your building within minutes with the host notified of their arrival by email or mobile message.

As experience becomes an increasingly important part of attracting people back to buildings, Yardi Bluepoint visitor management’s convenience becomes even more critical to have as part of your strategy to attract and retain occupiers.

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