VIVOTEK partners with Tiger Surveillance for integrated security solution

July 27, 2023


VIVOTEK has partnered with Tiger Surveillance to introduce seamless integration of Surveillance Bridge with VIVOTEK’s latest Video Management Software, VAST Security Station (VSS).

“We are excited to collaborate with VIVOTEK and introduce this integration between Surveillance Bridge and VSS,” said Bernard Lamborelle, VP Technology at Tiger Surveillance.

Lamborelle added: “This collaboration empowers VIVOTEK customers to seamlessly scale their storage to any cloud and benefit from advanced data protection and long-term archival capabilities. With the added support for VAST Security Station, users can elevate their video management experience to new heights.”

VIVOTEK customers increase storage

With the integration of Surveillance Bridge and VSS, VIVOTEK customers can now instantly extend local VMS storage to any cloud and any cloud tier, including lower-cost archive tiers. Surveillance Bridge’s cloud-agnostic engine ensures compatibility with any cloud environment for maximum flexibility. Organisations can effortlessly integrate cloud video retention and long-term archival capabilities into their existing on-premises infrastructure without any disruption. The result is a seamless and adaptable solution that caters to the unique requirements of each customer.

“VIVOTEK’s VSS is an easy-to-use, all-around, AI-powered IP video surveillance software designed to help manage tens of thousands of cameras with ease and focus on only what matters through VIVOTEK AI solutions,” said David Liu, President of VIVOTEK USA. “You can choose what’s best for your organisation and scale up the whole system anytime, supporting cameras and stations in a hierarchical structure of system for monitoring, recording, playback, and event trigger management with ease-of-use and efficient control. We are pleased to work with Tiger Surveillance to introduce seamless integration of Surveillance Bridge with VSS as it will allow organisations to further protect their data in numerous ways utilising the strengths of both systems.”

Addressing compliance

Furthermore, the collaboration between VIVOTEK and Tiger Surveillance addresses the crucial aspect of compliance for organisations operating in regulated industries. By integrating Surveillance Bridge with VSS, organizations enhance their data protection strategy by keeping an off-site copy of their data in a secure cloud location. This ensures the fastest possible recovery of valuable footage in the event of a disaster or system failure.

In their joint pursuit of delivering effortless VMS solutions, VIVOTEK and Tiger Surveillance prioritise minimising downtime and simplifying maintenance efforts for customers. Therefore, the integration of Surveillance Bridge with VSS offers easy deployment and management of the solution, resulting in streamlined operations and no interruptions of service.

VIVOTEK customers can also take full advantage of a custom VSS profile within the Surveillance Bridge interface. This tailored profile ensures that users enjoy a smooth and reliable experience aligned with the unique characteristics of the VIVOTEK VSS.

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