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June 12, 2024


Videosoft Global

We asked Stewart McCone CEO and Founder of Videosoft Global about challenges and opportunities facing the VMS industry.

What are the current trends in the VMS (Video Management Systems) market?

We’re amid some major technical advancements in the market, with more complex operations taking shape and getting ready for a big shift.

This shift is leading us towards a more distributed and autonomous industry, as industries move from traditional manned and cabled operations to fully remote and wireless systems.

This evolution is redefining our abilities across diverse environments—whether on land, at sea, or in the air.

By embracing these technologies, we are witnessing emerging avenues for expansion and innovation.

As a result, we are seeing a new era dawning in the VMS arena.

People in the industry are talking about needing something different than the traditional VMS solutions that were not originally designed for some of the current-day surveillance and monitoring needs.

Customers are reporting issues like dropouts and lost connections during critical moments it’s becoming a real headache for them, hindering their tasks.

This is typically significant across remote and wireless applications with fluctuating bandwidth and limited coverage, the traditional systems struggle to keep up and adapt to the environment.

These operations revolve around the concept of “always on.” Losing sight of things at critical moments is a big no-no, avoiding this is vital as it can lead to significant expenses, and security vulnerabilities, when contemplating health and safety scenarios or life-threatening situations, watching a stream with a five-second delay could mean the distinction between life and death.

This is especially critical in sectors like Military, Aviation, Oil and Gas, Mining, Maritime, and Defence.

The industries we work with aim to remain a step ahead of market demands in our ever-evolving modern world by adopting advanced technology.

Efficiency, safety, and sustainability are key drivers of innovation, fueling the continuous quest for future-ready solutions to achieve this.

What does Videosoft have to offer?

We present to the market our VMS which is crafted to address the specific challenge of managing multiple remote and disparate sites with varying and low bandwidth networks.

It is renowned among our customers as the most dependable, robust, and secure industrial-grade solution currently accessible in the market!

Our solution includes our adaptive low bandwidth video compression and transmission technology – delivering high-quality, low-latency streaming over wireless networks from cameras in the field.

Thanks to our hardware and network-agnostic strategy, we’re primed to handle real time video challenges, even in the most remote areas.

From streaming as little as 4kbps and less to delivering the best quality video at any given bitrate, Videosoft stands out as the premier choice in the industry where bandwidth managed video is needed.

What sets us apart goes beyond just technology.

Our team comprises some of the industry’s most experienced developers and technicians, ensuring that we deliver hardware and software solutions tailored to the precise needs of our end-users.

Plus, with our easy setup and operation, getting started with Videosoft is effortless, conserving your time, energy, and resources.

We provide an exceptional onboarding and support team, so you can stay focused on your operations while leaving the complex technicalities behind.

What features make Videosoft stand out when it comes to VMS?

Our solution sets us apart from the traditional VMS in the wireless and distributed surveillance scenarios.

We have three key selling points which distinguish us in this space; we can achieve what others cannot!

The people we interact with may not realise this attainability and have almost resigned themselves to the idea that they won’t have 100% connectivity all the time when monitoring remote locations and environments with reduced or compromised bandwidth.

Networks may be strained by concentrated usage in an area, it may also be the case that the area lacks adequate connectivity.

We may find ourselves dependent on unreliable networks.

The top 3 key factors that position us as leaders in this space?

  1. We employ highly specialised compression techniques to condense video data at the edge and transmit this across the available bandwidth. This helps us to deliver a real-time usable picture to the user, crucial for decision-making and situational awareness supporting business operations, whatever the bandwidth situation.
  2. Our system excels at sending optimised videos with the lowest possible delay (low latency), all thanks to our smart auto-adjusting feature. We always ensure a constant connection. Providing peace of mind during crucial, mission-critical moments when every second counts. It works when you need it most.
  3. We adapt our compression dynamically, adjusting to environments, and switching seamlessly between different networks across satcom, cellular, and mesh. Plus, we offer real-time and post event confirmation of what’s happening. All this wrapped up in an easy-to-use, turnkey solution which can be installed and deployed within minutes. Even with the smallest amount of available bandwidth, Videosoft will continue to stream live video. We provide a range of innovative features that revolutionise video streaming. Our custom toolkit is a key factor driving clients to choose Videosoft for their VMS requirements.

Let’s delve into some of our advanced tools that enable you to make real-time, well-informed decisions:

Total Recall

An image enhancement feature.

Have you ever found yourself needing a closer look at a particular area of a live stream, only to be met with less-than-ideal clarity?

This is where our Total Recall comes into play.

Imagine this: You’re monitoring a live stream, and something catches your eye.

But the details aren’t quite visible for a thorough analysis. With our Total Recall feature, that obstacle is no longer a problem.

You can simply pinpoint the area you want to focus on, regardless of the stream’s quality and retrieve high resolution images or video from the remote site and download them to your machine.

But what sets Total Recall apart isn’t just its ability to deliver clearer visuals; it’s the insight it provides.

Whether you’re conducting investigations or assessments, Total Recall empowers users to act swiftly and decisively by offering detailed visual confirmations of events as they unfold.

This is more than just a feature; it’s a tool that equips you to make informed decisions in real-time, aid investigations, and assessments and act in the moment.

Multi-stream feature

Utilising multiple streams from a single encoder enables individual configuration for specific areas of interest in the main scene.

This feature captures and presents enhanced details from different parts of the camera image, offering a comprehensive view.

Imagine this: You have a comprehensive view, but you need to zoom in on specific zones or closely monitor particular areas.

Our technology makes it possible to capture and present enhanced details from different parts of the
camera image, providing a more detailed description of the scene.

One camera – multiple areas of interest.

Whether you’re focusing on distinct zones for security and surveillance purposes or closely monitoring specific aspects for operational efficiency, Our video surveillance tools elevate your capabilities with unmatched precision and efficiency.

You say that simplicity is at the heart of your philosophy, can you elaborate on this?


At Videosoft, we’re all about keeping things simple for our users, making sure they have a smooth experience with our solutions.

Our new customers are always amazed at how quickly they can get up and running – no special training is needed!

This leads to everyone in the company jumping on board fast.

Thanks to our plug-and-play approach, getting started is a breeze, supported by our customer service team on-hand at every step of the way.

Our systems are designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive interfaces and straightforward integration processes.

We focus on providing solutions that are easy to deploy and manage, reducing the technical burden on our clients.

This simplicity allows users to focus on their core activities without being bogged down by complex technological issues.

Importantly, Videosoft can be used with all standard VMS platforms out of the box.

What are the main benefits of using ultra-low bandwidth video products?

By leveraging ultra-low bandwidth, our products ensure consistent video transmission even in areas with limited or unstable network coverage.

Reliability plays a vital role in sectors such as aviation, oil and gas, mining, maritime, and defence, where uninterrupted video feeds are essential for decisionmaking.

The benefits are many… enhanced reliability, cost savings, and operational efficiency, lower bandwidth usage also translates to reduced data costs and allows for more efficient use of existing network infrastructure.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I want to stress our dedication to innovation and our future vision.

We are constantly creating new technologies to stay ahead of market demands.

Our team is proactive – networking, attending conferences, and understanding user needs and pain points.

We gather feedback and incorporate it into our product roadmap.

If we can develop a feature that simplifies someone’s life or introduces a revolutionary function, then we are succeeding and staying ahead of the curve in our industry.

One area we’re particularly excited about is the integration of AI and machine learning to further enhance our video management capabilities.

These innovations will empower more intelligent surveillance systems, capable of adapting and reacting to their surroundings instantly.

This aligns with the growing demand we observe when discussing future operational needs.

Where can people connect to learn more about your company?

People can visit our website at for more detailed information about our products and services.

Join us on our LinkedIn page where we’ve successfully engaged with industry leaders in our space.

It’s where we regularly share updates on news, partnerships, and strategies driving our key go-to-market approach. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest business developments and success stories.

Additionally, our team frequently attends high-profile industry shows and events where we offer talks and demos of our solutions.

This is a great opportunity for one-onone interactions with our experts.

Furthermore, our global sales team is always available to provide personalised consultations to discuss specific needs and how our solutions can help.

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