Wardour Secure Networks issues warning ahead of digital switchover

October 3, 2023


Wardour Secure Networks is urging businesses to seriously consider their telephony options now to avoid being left behind after the digital switchover.

The digital phone switchover, scheduled for 2025 is the culmination of years of tireless research and technological advancement. This shift will see traditional analogue phone systems and ISDN circuits used for business on premises phone systems giving way to more advanced technologies.

This pivotal transition marks a significant leap forward in the world of communication technology, promising enhanced clarity, reliability, and a wealth of new features including voicemail to email transcription and video calling, while also being more energy efficient, reducing the environmental footprint of telecommunications infrastructure. This transition will position businesses to take advantage of the next wave of technological innovations including the integration of 5G networks and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Wardour Secure Networks tells businesses to start planning now

“This landmark development is poised to transform the landscape of telecommunications as all analogue phone lines will be switched off,” said Simon Pell, Director of Wardour Secure Networks Limited. “While 2025 may seem far off now, it is important that businesses start planning how they are going to move over to digital alternatives well in advance to avoid undue disruption when the time comes.”

To facilitate a smooth transition, telecommunications companies are already gearing up for the digital switchover, actively working on upgrading their infrastructure and providing resources to help customers seamlessly migrate from analogue to digital services.

Analogue networks have been in operation for decades and have reached the end of their serviceable life. The telecoms industry is finding it difficult to source the parts required to maintain or repair connections, largely because suppliers are no longer manufacturing them.

This upgrade to digital phone lines will affect all customers and goes far beyond simply phones for businesses. Current landlines may be used for alternative devices such as lift alarms, burglar alarms and card payment systems to name a few.

As telecoms providers will not know which devices are connected to their network, it is vital that business owners review early which devices they are using and determine whether they need replacing or upgrading to avoid any issues when the time comes.

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