Water treatment works upgrades security with LPS1175 Issue 8: B3 (SR2) Combi SL2 Palisade security fencing

May 3, 2022

Identified as one of 13 national Infrastructure sectors by the UK Government, the water industry has invested heavily in recent years upgrading perimeter security systems with the aid of LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) and LPS1175 rated security fencing.

The installation of 450 metres of fencing and various gates, including specially fabricated panels and bespoke fabrication work was completed with the assistance of Secured by Design member company Lochrin Bain at an undisclosed water treatment works in the north of England as part of these upgrades.

The project involved LPS1175 Issue 8: B3 (SR2) Combi SL2 Palisade security fencing, chosen by the main contractors NMCN for its ease of installation, requiring no specialist tooling and the fact the system was designed to rake easily, solving issues raised with other security fencing solutions previously used.

The area that needed to be secured featured various “problematic” sections with pipes running through the fence line or having to go up against uneven wall sections whilst always maintaining the specified security rating. The team at installers IP Jones worked with Lochrin Bain’s technical department to ensure original concepts and ideas were transformed into full technical drawings for approval prior to manufacturing in-house. This resulted in a quick, simple and professional installation on site.

SBD National Lead Kenny McHugh said: “As specialists in security fencing Lochrin Bain work tirelessly to design and manufacture products to protect key assets across the UK and their SBD accredited products are regularly identified as the appropriate perimeter security solution for protecting our Critical National Infrastructure.” 

To find out more about Lochrin Bain and their extensive range of SBD accredited physical perimeter security products, visit: https://www.securedbydesign.com/

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