Zivver collaborates with OutThink for new approach to cybersecurity

January 30, 2024



Zivver has launched a new commercial partnership with Cybersecurity Human Risk Management Platform SaaS provider, OutThink, to bring together security tools for human-centric training and data protection.  

Founded in 2019, OutThink created a Human Risk Management Platform designed to assist CISOs by targeting the source of 90% of all data breaches: human behaviour.  

OutThink’s platform is used by organisations around the world to identify, measure and affect behavioural change.    

Zivver delivers email security solutions, preventing data leaks and helps people to work securely with minimal disruption.  

Zivver’s solutions were developed with accessibility and user-experience in mind, making Zivver a solution people want to use and facilitating widespread adoption across the organisation

Different approach to cybersecurity  

Both Zivver and OutThink take a human-centric approach to cybersecurity. Combined, the solutions will give employees with the tools and knowledge they need to work effectively and securely.  

“Our approach to email security, compliance and data loss prevention, combined with OutThink’s security awareness training, phishing simulation and human risk intelligence, is set to reinforce secure digital communication across the globe,” said Oliver Brown, Vice President of Commercial, Zivver.  

“We look forward to working together on further integrations in the future.”  

Traditionally, security solutions treat employees as a risk to be mitigated, creating enforced rules and processes that cause frustration resulting in employee dissatisfaction and increased risk.  

Through the implementation of in-the-moment human error prevention tools, advanced encryption, training, the partnership will assist people in risk mitigation, enhance security knowledge and ensure widespread best practice, without increasing workloads for employees or security leaders.  

Kanav Bhama, Vice President of Finance & Growth at OutThink, said: “We’re excited to form a close partnership with Zivver, a company that aligns seamlessly with our principled commitment to a human-centric security.  

“Together we look forward to driving a profound improvement in cybersecurity posture across organizations and amplifying human awareness of and towards cyber risks.” 

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