Brigantia partners with Sendmarc

January 17, 2024


Brigantia partners with Sendmarc

Cybersecurity distributor, Brigantia has announced a new vendor partnership with Sendmarc, a cloud-based platform that protects against email impersonation.  

Sendmarc prevents email impersonation and domain spoofing by automating the end user’s DMARC policy.  

If a malicious actor attempts to send fraudulent emails from the user’s domain, Sendmarc will instruct the receiving server to reject any emails, stopping phishing attacks before they reach the target inbox.  

“Email impersonation is a growing problem, and Sendmarc is an outstanding and highly cost-effective solution,” said Angus Shaw, Brigantia Director. 

“Sendmarc platform offers ongoing monitoring and helps automate the required changes, making it much less time-consuming and more accurate than equivalent platforms that expect admins to make changes manually. 

“This also makes it incredibly MSP-friendly. The MSP portal allows rapid single-pane management, a considerable cost benefit for time-constrained MSPs.” 

The company says if any changes to DNS settings are required to improve security, these are actioned from the Sendmarc interface, unlike equivalent platforms that prompt admins to make changes manually.  

New partnership for Brigantia

“We are delighted to have partnered with Brigantia, a business associated with quality, so it’s great to have their seal of approval,” said Sacha Matulovich, Sendmarc Co-founder and CSO. 

“Sendmarc solves a real problem in an elegant, user-friendly way. With Brigantia’s technical and commercial knowledge behind it, I can’t wait to see our impact in the UK and Ireland.”   

Sendmarc comes with an MSP portal, allowing MSPs to manage domain-level security across their customer base at scale.  

As well as preventing malicious emails, Sendmarc authenticates genuine emails, preventing them from being blocked incorrectly.  

The deal comes as major email clients, including Microsoft, Google and Yahoo, are restricting bulk senders as part of a broader clamp-down on spam.  

By optimising DNS settings, Sendmarc will prevent email clients from wrongly blocking genuine emails.  

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