Check Point collaborates with NVIDIA for secure AI cloud infrastructure

March 25, 2024


AI cloud infrastructure

Check Point Software Technologies has announced a collaboration with NVIDIA to improve the security of AI cloud infrastructure.

The partnership will include integration with NVIDIA DPUs, as the new Check Point AI cloud protect solution aims to help prevent threats at both network and host level.

Increasing level of threat actors

“AI provides great benefits across healthcare, education, finance and more,” said Gera Dorfman, Vice President of Network Security at Check Point Software Technologies.

“At the same time, the rate and sophistication of cyber attacks is increasing, with threat actors increasingly looking at ways to disrupt AI workloads in the cloud.

“We are working with NVIDIA to deliver a new secure AI cloud solution with Check Point AI Cloud Protect that guards even the most sensitive and private AI workloads against cyber threats.” 

The increase of AI has brought about a revolution in workplace efficiency and innovation, the company reports.

However, this growth also creates additional attack vectors specifically targeting AI, such as backdooring AI models to control a model’s output or to gain unauthorised access to the environment, data exfiltration to expose intellectual property and denial of service to degrade performance and reduce capacity.

Attacks can erode the foundational trust in AI operations, while potentially affecting other aspects of the data center.

Check Point says it aims to address these challenges with NVIDIA by integrating network and host-level security insights, offering a solution that protects AI infrastructures from both conventional and novel cyber threats.

This integrated approach helps ensure the security system is aware of network activities and host-level processes, which is crucial for safeguarding AI’s future.  

Securing AI cloud infrastructure

“As AI becomes more pervasive, securing AI clouds becomes paramount,” said Yael Shenhav, Vice President of Networking Products at NVIDIA.

“NVIDIA BlueField 3 enables innovators such as Check Point to offer robust cyber defence measures to secure AI cloud data centers, while also ensuring peak AI performance.” 

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